Intermediate, Advanced (alternative)

Duration- 30-45 min

Frequency- 2-3 x Week

     -Our F2 program is a one-on-one training session.  We focus on proper joint alignment, form and motion.  Our F2 program consist of high, fast repetitions (free weights, Kettle bells, dumb bells, etc.) immediately followed by slow regulated movements (FOCUS) of the same muscle group.  This is a custom designed program for the experianced gymer looking for a unique change or someone wanting to transition out of our FOCUS program or the person looking to evolve into a more cardiovascularly intense workout. F2 is a progressive program that continually builds and evolves.  

             Novice, Intermediate, Advanced (alternative)

Duration- 25-30 min

Frequency- 2 x Week

     -Our FOCUS program is a one-on-one training session.  We focus on proper joint alignment, form and motion.  FOCUS consists of super slow muscle retraction through an entire range of motion.  The movement is slow and the transitions are slow making this an extremely safe, almost no impact, dynamically intense fitness program. This program is perfect for the less than active individual ready to transition into a healthy lifestyle, an individual coming off of an injury or the advanced athlete needing to break strength plateaus. 


Now offering group boot camps

Each boot camp includes:

1. Warm up                     4. Abs

2.Total body workout      5. Stretch 

3. Cardio

If you need motivation, a fun group and one hour of a great workout, sign up now!

Duration- 1 hour

Frequency- 6-8 weeks, 1-3 x week

F2 Program(Fast/Focus)

Focus Program(Focused Intensity/Regulated Movement)

Focus Program(Focused Intensity/Regulated Movement)

                    offers a variety of fitness solutions.  We pride ourselves on being able to fulfill the diverse needs of our clients.  Whether you are a novice to physical activity, a hard core cross trainer or anything in between we have the program for you.